aldenwels - untitled (JSMIX005) / JASS

The product of cell phone field recordings, original compositions and sleep-inducing chemical compounds, sprung from an iconoclastic period of cassette-driven compositions and mounting, imminent change, we arrive mid-scene, to a place that doesn't notice you've showed up and won't cease once you're gone.

aldenwels' untitled mix ruminates on the crushing baggage of urban environments, the tension without release of repetition in perpetuity, cars on top of cars, the suffocatingly wide open spaces of interactions, hey hi, how are you, bye bye now, take care. But while alien in texture, it is ultimately designed for the everyman, resonating on human levels, asking the questions we all ask ourselves.

aldenwels previously released music as Quam, including 2011's "On My Mind" for our first release, the compilation Companion I. This is clearly not the same project, but we can see distant echoes of the soundsystem culture & UK-inspired sounds that defined his previous work - an example of how processes can change, and how acutely the outcomes change as a result.

aldenwels' debut album but why hide? will be relased via JASS this fall. For mad men only.

Released July 21 2015

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