Cofaxx - It Became Clearer (JSD024) / JASS

All Tracks Performed, Recorded, & Produced J. Magee
Mastered by The Fathers at JASS East

Art by A.E. Brindis

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
JASS 2018
© Market Solution Music 2018

What color is the sky, really? A scattered spectrum of wavelengths refracting wavelengths, timbres modulate to the frequency of the Earth. It’s an illusion - perception can be deceiving. Only the Sun can determine if it will be Dark During the Day, and With It, the Sky decides.

The JASS debut of Brooklyn’s Joseph Magee, aka Cofaxx, It Became Clearer bubbles and froths over, floating above steadily, patiently and with enterprise. An accomplished and multifaceted producer and engineer, Magee hones Process to brilliantly colorful yet humble results. Scaffold guitar arrangements crumble into hushed drone, the murky palette at odds with any contemporary impetus. Meandering waves of white noise densely layer its textures, undulating into a ruminative lull. His previous work drawing from a range including avant-garde soundscapes to bass heavy club productions, Magee here tips the hat to experimental-leaning JASS alumni such as Kallie Lampel and aldenwels, forging an idiosyncratic path in this familiar territory. It Became Clearer will be released in digital and limited cassette formats on February 22, 2019, with the cassette edition featuring an exclusive bonus track “New Teeth”.

Limited Cassette

- Limited to 100 worldwide
- High-Bias Ferric // Real-Time Dubbed
- Blue Tint Shell w/ die-cut O-Card
- Includes bonus track "New Teeth"

USD $10
Ships after February 22, 2019

Released February 22 2019

Listen: A Floor That Tilts

Listen: Rare Perfume

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