The Fathers - Two Autumns (JSD023) / JASS

Performed, Engineered, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by The Fathers at JASS East

Art by The Fathers

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
JASS 2018
© Market Solution Music 2018

What does it mean to grow in place? Change is ever-present and permanent, ignoring one’s notions of movement or germination. Healing is not linear. A recovery comes in waves: a loss often merely provides the capacity for reincarnation, and when the earth comes back around, you may still find yourself back where you started. Here, Two Fathers Dance, a death and rebirth. The wellspring pulse an arrhythmia, the quivering lead a nativity. Did the sun set this early Two Autumns ago? A confidence in the Process begets the ultimate return. True Punk is the unending will to live, and the capacity to do so. This is how we Enjoy the experience.

Live Performance Video