Various Artists - Companion II (JSD020) / JASS

All tracks written & recorded by respective artists. All rights of the owner of the recorded works reserved.
JASS 2018

Behold! 6 years and 20 releases after its predecessor, Companion II compiles pieces from 23 friends & individuals, seeking to highlight our shining bountiful talent while expanding the zeitgeist to include future artists, guests, & first-time appearances from long-time contributors. Original pieces, B-sides, demos & live improvisation advance with focus and an informed sense of purpose. Here, you will find a wide-ranging selection, representing the full breadth & voice of these ragtag voyagers as the JASS Galleon sets sail. You are invited to forgo conclusions & slip into the endless dream, and remember: causticity & craft win over emotional vacancy in 2018.


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Released March 23 2018

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